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Hursley Archive - HLG10   -  Cupboard / Rack: HC12   -  Shelf:  3

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Binder Containing: Manufacturing Engineering Documentation Various

Where several items are filed together in one binder or folder, the individual titles are shown below

Current Topics in the Surface Chemistry of Electric Contacts - article M Antler 1966
Behaviour of Metallic Contacts at Low voltages in Adverse Environments - article A Fairweather 1952
The Design & Testing of Semi-Permanent Metallic Contacts for use at Low Voltages - article A Fairweather 1958
A Survey of Contact Resistance Theory for Nominally Clean Surfaces - article WB Ittner III, PJ Magill 1957
TD 01.354 Contact Pressures Developed by CCROS Air bags WE Nickola IBM 1965
2201-4 Interconnection Techology & Evaluation - Fishkill WO Glasspool, EL Joba 1966
TR 00.1341 A High Performance electrical Contact System G Micklus 1965
01-0684-5 Report - porosity Testing of Gold Plating on Mylar Document Cards P/No 831613 GH Heurich 1965
Microbonding Aspects of the Interconnexion Problem - article HG Mansfield 1966
Microbonding Techniques Article LS Phillips 1966
Fundamentals of Parallel-Gap Joining Article PM Knowlson 1966
Metallurgical Evaluation of Micro-Circuit Interconnexions Made by the Parallel Gap Process - article KJ Clews, JG Young 1966
The Face Bonding of Semiconductor Chips PJ Evison 1966
Thin Film Preparation in relation to Microbonding - article VJ Hammond 1966
Wire to Wire Welding Article DW Allen 1966

Manufacturing Engineering Documentation

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