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Hursley Archive - HLG10   -  Cupboard / Rack: HC12   -  Shelf:  3

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Binder Containing: Manufacturing Engineering Documentation Various

Where several items are filed together in one binder or folder, the individual titles are shown below

Report ML 1108 Evaluate the Feasibility of Through-Hole Plating Mylar Boards R J Romanosky 1964
Monthly Activity Report Manufacturing Reasearch Lab Hursley BP Piggin 1970
Teflon Industrial Hygiene Manual - Teflon vs. PTFE IBM 1960
Customer service report Study of the Dimensional Stability of Mylar and Copper Clad Mylar in Etched Printed Circuitry Chestnut Run Laboratories 1964
ZZ40-9000-00 Manufacturing Technology Digest IBM 1988
SMT/Hybrid Card Assembly & Test Early Manufacturing Involvement (EMI) Guidelines - Part 1: Design Optimization IBM 1988
ISBN 0729208508 Introducing Surface Mounting EDC 1987

Manufacturing Engineering Documentation

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