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Hursley Archive - HLG10   -  Cupboard / Rack: HC12   -  Shelf:  3

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Binder Containing: Technical Data, M.E. Various

Where several items are filed together in one binder or folder, the individual titles are shown below

0-0-1015-0 Conversion Tables - English to Metric IBM 1964
Design for Production Manufacturing Requirements for Special Cards & Card Asm's IBM Hannover 1981
Abbreviations & Acronyms Edition 3 IBM North Harbour 1984
ANSI/IPC CM-770C Printed Board Component Mounting IPC 1987
ANSI/IPC-SM-782 Surface Mount Land Patterns IPC 1987
SR23-3727-0 SI Metric - The International System of Units IBM
The Handbook of Logic circuits Reston Publishing Co. JD Lenk

Technical Data, M.E.

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