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Hursley Archive - HLG10   -  Cupboard / Rack: HC12   -  Shelf:  2

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Folder Containing: 921 & Other Accounting Machine Documentation IBM

Where several items are filed together in one binder or folder, the individual titles are shown below

CR9172 Automatic Carriage Type 921 Pluggable Controls IBM 1940
Machine Methods of Accountancy The International Automatic Carriage 921 IBM 1938
9069 Internatinal Automatic Carriage 921 Description IBM 1935
International Automatic Bill Feed Mechanical Service Intructions & Parts List IBM
High Speed Reproducer Mechanical Service Manual IBM
52-3123-0 Electric Accounting Machine 285 - Mechanical Principles IBM 1946
Vacuum Tube Collator Wiring Diagram IBM
52-3927-2 Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator IBM 1948
Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator IBM 1945

921 & Othe

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