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IBM History

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Hursley Archive - HLG10   -  Cupboard / Rack: HC02   -  Shelf:  3

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Folder Containing: Events Various

Where several items are filed together in one binder or folder, the individual titles are shown below

40th Annual RJ Mitchell Lecture at Hursley
UK Archive at Hursley Summary DL Peach 1999
Museum discussion document DL Peach 1998
Leonardo da Vinci Hayward Gallery - press release South Bank Centre 1989
Da Vinci Lectures Press release IBM 1988
Leonardo & the Computer Article Management Topics 1989
Proceedings IBM Industrial Conference Bournemouth IBM 1985
Olympic Games Souvenir programme IBM 1988
World Cup Souvenir programme IBM 1990
Olympic Games Souvenir Programme IBM 1992
Life Long Learning International conference brochure Southampton University 1993
CICS Technical Conference San Diego - flyer IBM 1992
CICS Technical Conference Nashville - booklet Skillls Dynamics 1993
Innovation Centre Technical Workshops List of events IBM 2006
IEEC Conference Programme International Entrepreneurshipo Educators Conference Coventry University 2011