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IBM History

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Hursley Archive - HLG10   -  Cupboard / Rack: HC13   -  Shelf:  4

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Binder containing: Misc IBM

Where several items are filed together in one binder or folder, the individual titles are shown below

UK 8-582/24 VDUs & You - IBM Plan for Life IBM 1992
79G3338 486 Blue Lightning Cobalt-AT System Board IBM 1993
PC-XT System Board Switches Configuration IBM
229-2080-6 1050 Character Reference Chart IBM
58140-0 1052 / 1053 Contact & Magnet Locations IBM
1052 Rotate Adjustments
Core Dump Analysis Reference Summary PL/I Applications IBM
G320-9261-2 Health & Safety Aspects of Visual Displays IBM
GX20-1878-4 3270 Information Display System Refernce Summary IBM 1979
GX20-1878-2 3270 Information Display System Refernce Summary IBM 1976
GU20-8079-1 Personal Printers Product Guide & Positioning IBM 1989
GX26-1678-0 3380 Direct Access Storage Reference Summary IBM 1983
5-547 3330 Disk Storage Reference Card IBM 1970
GX20-1983-0 3350 Direct Access Storage Models A2 A2F B2 B2F C2 C2F IBM 1977
2740 / 2741 / Teletypewriters Reference pages for data character assignments + handwritten reference IBM 1968