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  Thinkpad 755CDV
  Removable rear of screen for use on overhead projector
First laptop with a CD drive.
There were two generations of the 755CD: The initial Oct 94 model with a 3.3V Intel 486 DX4 processor running at 100MHz, and a Sep 95 upgrade with a 75MHz mobile Pentium processor. The 486 model continued to be sold alongside the Pentium, and could be upgraded by installing a new processor card.
8MB RAM on the system board expandable by installing with an IC DRAM card or up to two DIMM modules on an adapter card. Up to 32MB could be added, for a total of 40MB.
Chipset: Pico Power, a mobile specialist purchased by Cirrus Logic in 1994.
UltraBay slot for CD-ROM or floppy drive (hot swappable)
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