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9406 / 9411 RGMT
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  eServer i5
  The 9406 IBM System i5 Model 520 uses i5/OS V5R3 or V5R4, an integrated operating system that builds on and extends the capabilities of OS/400. The IBM System i5 520 can help reduce complexity, simplify the IT infrastructure and help users regain control of their increasingly complex business. Built on IBM's 64-bit processor technology, it was in its day one of the industry's most powerful and flexible systems. The 520 was offered with one or two processors. The 1.5/1.65GHz model 520 performance ranges from 500 to 6,000 CPW. The 1.9GHz POWER5+ model 520 performance ranges from 600 to 7,100 CPW. The 1.9GHz model 520 offers Capacity on Demand capabilities. The Value Edition (9406) and the smaller Express Configurations (9405) have an Accelerator for System i5 feature which quickly provides additional processor performance. The second processor of the 1/2-way 520 can be brought into production either permanently or be turned on/off as business needs indicate.
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9406 / 9411 RGMT

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