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IBM History

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  Colour display terminal
  The IBM 3279 Colour Display Terminal was announced in 1979. The 3279 was developed in Hursley and manufactured in Greenock, Scotland for EMEA (Europe, Middle east and Africa).

The 3279 was IBM's first colour display terminal. Depending upon model, it could display four or seven colours and graphics.

In conjunction with Hursley developed mainframe based GDDM (Graphical Data Display Manager) and GDDM's Interactive Chart Utility, the 3279 brought business graphics to the desktop for the first time. In conjunction with APL (A Programming Language) the combination can be thought of as an early form of Personal Computing.

It was accompanied by the 3287C Colour Printer, modified in Hursley from the Boca Raton developed 3287 mono printer. Both devices were part of the IBM 3270 Information Display System family of terminals and cluster controllers.
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