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Hardware Detail

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  PC Server 310

  • Microprocessor - Intel Pentium
  • Cache Memory - Level-1, 16 KB, Level-2: Standard: 256 or 512 KB, varies by model Expandable to 512 KB
  • Memory - Standard: 16 or 32 MB, varies by model - Expandable to 160 MB or 192 MB, varies by model - 60 ns, ECC-parity
  • Four SIMM sockets in two banks and one DIMM socket in one bank or six SIMM sockets, varies by model
  • Diskette Drive - Standard: 3.5-inch, 1.44 MB - Optional (internal): 3.5-inch, 1.44 MB
  • Hard Disk Drives - Number and capacities of drives vary by model - Supports up to three internal drives
  • CD-ROM Drive - Standard: SCSI
  • Expansion Bays - Two 5.25-inch drive bays, Three 3.5-inch drive bays - The number of bays available for expansion varies by model
  • Expansion Slots - Two 16-bit ISA slots, Three 32-bit PCI/ISA shared slots - The number of slots available for expansion varies by model
  • Video - Super video graphics array (SVGA) - Compatibility: Color graphics adapter (CGA), Video graphics array (VGA)
  • Security Features - Bolt-down capability, Door lock
  • Selectable drive-startup
  • Power-on and administrator passwords
  • Upgradable POST and BIOS
  • Upgradable EEPROM on the system board
  • POST/BIOS upgrades (when available)
  • Input/Output Connectors - One infrared port, One keyboard port, One mouse (auxiliary-device) port, One serial port, Two universal serial bus (USB) ports One parallel port, One video (monitor) port, One SCSI-2 Fast/Wide PCI Adapter, One 8-bit internal port, One 16-bit internal port, One 16-bit external port, One Ethernet Quad-BT or -B2 PeerMaster Server Adapter (installed on some models) (10Base-T, 10Base2, 10Base5)
  • Power Supply - 200 Watt with voltage switch (115230 V ac) - Built-in overload and surge protection
  • Keyboard and Mouse (Auxiliary-Device)
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