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  Matrix printer

The IBM 5204 Quickwriter is a 110 characters per second (cps) letter quality dot matrix printer with 24 pins. It is a medium duty bi-directional printer with draft speeds up to 330 cps at 10 characters per inch (cpi). It was announced in 1988.

  • Proportional spacing at 10, 12, 15, 17.1 (cpi)
  • All Points Addressable (APA) graphics available
  • Optional Selectric font package, Offering print quality comparable to Selectric III when using a film ribbon
    • 55cps at 10cpi
    • Up to 66 cps in smaller pitches.
  • Eight resident fonts
  • 17 additional font packages available
  • Programmable features include line width, line spacing, tabs, automatic underlining, double width, double strike, superscipt, subscript
  • 8K buffer expandable to 40K
  • Optional adjustable single-bin feeder for 100 cut sheets of paper
  • Optional dual-drawer cut sheet feeder holding 150 sheets
  • Auto envelope feeder 50 envelopes
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