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  Thinkpad 850 Boots AIX. PW=museum
  Thinkpad 850 Boots AIX.
Announced on June 19th 1995, the IBM ThinkPad Power Series 850 is driven by an IBM PowerPC 603e microprocessor running at 100MHz. The 850 supports up to 96MB of RAM. It can support up to 1.2GB of hard disk storage. The display is a 10.4 inch high resolution SVGA (800 x 600 pels)TFT colour display. The operating system could be either IBM AIX v4 or Windows NT 3.51 (PowerPC edition)
The thinkPad Power Series systems were withdrawn in October 1996 less than 18 monthsafter announcement. The systems were replaced by the RS/6000 Notebook 860 (7249-860), which was essentially a ThinkPad 850 with faster 166MHz 603e CPU, a larger 1024x768 display, and an upgraded graphics chip.
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