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IBM History

Hardware Detail

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  Sequent Servers in rack

Rescued from Weybridge offices when they closed

Sequent was bought by IBM in 1999. IBM marketed Sequent technology and subsequently used it in IBM hardware.

Sequent's Technology

  • - NUMA (non-uniform memory access) architecture
    • o Advanced hardware and software to allow large numbers of processors to operate as a single system
    • o Maintain ease of programming and manageability of a small system
    • o Up to 64 Intel processors, plans to 256
    • o e-Business related apps, e.g. data warehousing, business intelligence.
    • o Many world’s largest Oracle databases and application environments on Sequent servers
  • - Quick scalability to manage unpredictable workloads and spikes in online traffic
  • - Sequent helps UNIX & NT to interoperate on a single system with single point management

IBM & Sequent

  • - IBM & Sequent announced a merger agreement 12th July 1999
  • - IBM planned to sell Sequent’s product line worldwide immediately and provide middleware support
  • - IBM’s business partner network to market and sell Sequent’s current products
  • - IBM planned to integrate Sequent technology into IBM products
  • - Designed to support the IBM strategy to develop leadership solutions for e-Business
  • - Development teams from both companies to accelerate their work on Project Monterey
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