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  Infowindow II Modular Display Station for AS/400
  Modular Logic Unit Design allows users to select the PC monitor that best fits their needs, from 14" to 19" and maintains the PC monitor investment if in the future customers migrate to Thin Clients or PC workstations. Multiple Display and Printer Sessions (DDDD+P) allows you to configure the logic unit to have multiple display, up to four, and one printer session. Shared Display Session Addressing reduces workstation controller costs when customers require multiple display sessions. When configured for multiple display sessions, the display sessions share a single twinax workstation address. Note: Shared Addressing advanced function is dependent upon the version of OS/400 and the twinax workstation controller. Multiple Screen Display Formats and Split Screen support allows you to configure the display for 24, 32, 43, 49 rows by 80 columns or 27 rows by 132 columns. When configured with split screen and multiple sessions users can view two sessions side by side or top and bottom. Note: Supported Screen Formats are PC Monitor Dependent. Parallel Printer Port can be used for either screen or host print operations. Users can record up to 6,000 frequently used keystrokes for later playback. 122-key or 102-key Keyboards The IBM InfoWindow* II 3488 Modular Display Station is a member of a family of display stations (which includes the IBM InfoWindow II 3486 and 3487 Display Stations) available for attachment to the AS/400 and the System/36. The 3488 display station allows for attachment of most IBM VGA and VGA compatible monochrome and color monitors. The 3488 Modular Display Station supports the IBM 8511, 9515, and 9518 color monitors, as well as other IBM PS/2* monitors. Description Investment protection is provided by features that enable the InfoWindow II displays to adapt to application requirements that may emerge in the future, and the capability to upgrade the 3488 to an Intelligent Workstation while retaining the monitor investment. A screen dimming feature blanks the application display area when the terminal is inactive, which reduces phosphor burn and extends the life of the monitor. The 3488, along with the appropriate monitor (IBM 9515 or 9518), is designed to comply with national and international standards to meet work place requirements. Among these are ISO 9241 Part 3, released by the International Organization for Standardization, which defines front-of-screen characteristics including font design, screen flicker, display brightness, and uniformity of character presentation. The 3488 supports this standard by using a compliant font design and a higher 75 Hz refresh rate (in addition to the more popular 60 Hz refresh rate). When combined with the 9515 and 9518 monitors, compliance with ISO 9241 Part 3 is provided in mode 2 screen format. A second standard gaining much attention is the Swedish MPR-II. MPR-II has become a de facto standard, although it is technically a recommendation, in the field of electromagnetic fields. The 3488 can comply when equipped with a monitor that complies. The modular approach to the 3488 logic unit/monitor configuration will allow adding new monitor capabilities (size, color, ergonomics) without rendering the entire terminal obsolete. The full function of the 3488 allows growing the workstation capabilities as an installed system is upgraded with the new AS/400 controller, and the operating system to OS/400 Version 2 Release 2. The 3488 supports character font download capability to support future requirements. AS/400 with OS/400 Version 2 Release 2, or 5494 remote control unit Release 1.1 is required for this capability. Customers requiring flexible solutions to their business needs will find the 3488 an excellent workstation for use with the AS/400. The ability to select the monitor to go with the 3488 modular display station allows adapting the workstation to the users functional and financial needs. As the requirements change, only that part needing replacement will be affected. A printer port is supported on all models of the 3488 that provides host-addressable print as well as local screen copy. The type of printers has been expanded to include laser printers such as the IBM 4019/4029 or Hewlett-Packard LaserJet** III. Printer emulation is also enhanced to include 3812-SCS printer emulation, including computer oriented rotation (COR) function that allows print images to be shrunk automatically without changing the paper setting. The 3488 supports the download of printer definition tables (PDTs) to provide increased flexibility of the printer attachment. Users may be able to attach various ASCII printers by downloading a PDT from AS/400. With new AS/400 workstation customization capability, customers can create the PDT or keyboard table for keyboard remapping. AS/400 Version 2 Release 2 is required for workstation customization. The 3488 provides features to aid the physically impaired, including character attribute color selection for ease of character recognition by persons having problems with certain colors, adjustable typematic rate to control the rate at which characters are repeated using typematic action, adjustable vertical and horizontal mouse speed and double click interval, ability to change primary mouse button, and IBM KeyGuard accessory to prevent accidental striking the wrong key or several keys simultaneously. The 3488 supports the Enhanced User Interface which provides special graphical characters with mouse support. The new special graphical characters include: scroll bars, radio buttons, push-buttons, check boxes and continuous window frames. The Enhanced User Interface enables pop-up menus and help screens, thereby providing improved interaction between users and their applications. AS/400 with OS/400 Version 2 Release 2 and feature code 6050, or the 5494 remote control unit Release 1.1 is required to take advantage of this enhanced capability. The 3488 is fully compatible with the IBM WindowTool/400 (5798-RYF) including support for the mouse. OS/400 Version 2 Release 2 is required to support the mouse. The 3488 enhances the support of multi-sessions capability allowing simultaneous support of two display sessions and one printer session (display-display-printer). New display formats of 32 by 80 and 43 by 80 are available for use with advanced functions such as split screen. Split screen capability is also enhanced on the 3488. The user can dynamically divide the display screen into two variable size partitions, horizontally or vertically, to view different sessions. The 3488 supports a calculator to perform local calculations that operates in the operator information area (OIA) keeping the screen display totally viewable. The user can import data from one application and perform a calculation. It also allows storing and retrieving of numeric data, as well as frequently used mathematical expressions. All InfoWindow field editing features are supported. Individual data input fields can be edited as alphanumeric, alpha only, digits only, numeric only, signed numeric, field exit required, right adjust, mandatory entry, mandatory fill, bypass, auto enter, dup enable, and monocase. Indicators, displayed as symbols on the bottom row of the screen outside the data area, provide useful operator information. Updating the screen from the host is accomplished without refresh interruption (that is, no blinking). An underline type cursor and a rectangular reverse video cursor with blinking option are provided. An audible alarm is provided to alert the operator. The volume of the alarm can be adjusted by the operator. The floor mount feature or wall mount capability permits the user to improve the workspace available. The cable-connected keyboard can be moved. The keyboard slope can be adjusted by the user to 5 or 12 degrees. The 3488 is plug compatible with 3476/3477 InfoWindow displays to provide access to existing midrange host applications through the 5250 architecture. The 3488 provides vital product data to the AS/400 system. This information (machine type, model and display address) is collected by the AS/400 system and is available to users and application programs via the display local hardware (DSPLCLHDW) command. Keyboard Features Offers a choice of typewriter-style keyboards with following features: Home Row indicator keys Low-profile keyboards providing two angles of inclination (5 or 12 degrees) with a telephone type coiled cable Adjustable keyboard typematic rate Typeahead which provides continuous typing of up to 32 characters while keyboard is locked, attached as follows: Locally attached to the IBM AS/400 using OS/400 Version 1 Release 1.2 with PTFs MF00364 and MF00817. Locally attached to the IBM AS/400 using OS/400 Version 1 Release 2 or higher. Remotely attached to the IBM 5394 with microcode release 2 or the IBM 5494 via the IBM AS/400 using OS/400 Version 1, release 2 or higher Other Standard Features The 3488 modular display station includes functions available on 3477. Customers have no need to modify existing application programs. The 3488 is designed to have no power switch based on high-quality and longer life design. This allows customers to put the 3488 on the floor to save desk-space. Customer has to power-off the monitor to save monitor life. The 3488 will automatically dim the monitor, except for the status line, when the keyboard has not been used for a predetermined period of time. It will reactivate the display if the keyboard is operated or the host sends any messages to the workstation. The display user has the option to turn off the monitor to conserve power, without affecting the workstations interaction with the host and remain signed-on. The 3488 will automatically drop logical connection to the twinax port, after a predetermined programmed amount of time. This capability is to enhance security for unattended terminals. Password security keylock is standard. The 3488 consists of the following workstation elements: +--------------------+------+ | MACHINE TYPE | 3488 | |--------------------+------| | *122-Key Typewriter|SC9122| |--------------------+------| | *122-Key Data Entry|SC9124| |--------------------+------| | *IBM Enhanced |SC9131| |--------------------+------| | Logic | Yes | |--------------------+------| | Monitor | No | |--------------------+------| | Power Cord 9 ft. | Yes | |--------------------+------| | *Power Cord 6 ft. |SC9986| | (Chicago Only) | | +--------------------+------+ Note: * Order the Specify Code indicated The IBM 7695 model 255-Bar Barcode/Magnetic Badge Slot Reader is available. (Secure data is not supported.) A connector is provided for an optical bar code or magnetic badge slot reader. The 7695 connects to the 3488 via the keyboard port of the 3488. The 3488 keyboard is then connected to the decoder unit. Input from the decoder unit or the keyboard is perceived as keyboard input by the 3488. See HONE for the details on the 7695 Model 255-Bar unit.
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