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Hardware Products Developed at Hursley

The museum is attempting to create a definitive list of products developed at Hursley. The following is an incomplete pass from the knowledge of the curators with some additional help from IBM retirees. If you are able to provide any new information or corrections to the existing data, please contact Peter Short. There is a comprehensive list of all IBM hardware and software on Wikipedia.

Year Code Name Machine Type / Product Name Department Description
62TM Storage Disk drive; 10MB version of 62GV Gulliver
Tilt, lift, rotate stands for monitors - 2 models
3693 Data Acquisition System for nuclear power station at Latina, Italy
8502 Monitors Monitor
9514 Monitors Monitor (Henley follow-on)
Excelsior Dataflow chip
7487 ?? Special Engineering Daisy wheel printer, thought to have used 3774 (Qume) mechanics and 3287 electronics.
3277GA Special Engineering Graphics Attach - developed in Poughkeepsie, 'productised' in Hursley. Attached a Tektronix 4000 x 3000 storage display to 3277.
Pine Monitors 14" colour monitor
Europine Monitors 14" colour monitor - Philips Tube
C40 14" colour monitor (Infowindow)
Lilliput Storage Products First 8" disk drive developed in Hursley. Became Piccolo.
Expressway Monitors XGA Adapter
Titanic Monitors Replacement for 3250
Spacemont Monitors Spacemont (a portmanteau of Space Mountain at Disney World being the highest point in Florida) was a project between Hursley and Boca to develop a follow-on to the VGA PC graphics adapter. However, it fell foul of compatibility and cost issues and was canned after 6 months in favour of an extension of the VGA (called rather unexcitingly the XGA).

The processor and pixel engine were the starting point for Image Adapter, and the pixel engine was the starting point for the drawing engine of XGA. In collaberation with IBM Research, Yorktown, the simulator created to test the Spacemont VLSI before manufacture, General B, was also used effectively on Image Adapter development.
ActionMedia II 8514 adapter Monitors Adapter card for 8514 - PC-AT bus
SPD2 Analogue / digital converter chip
1960 832 Electronic Typing Calculator for billing & accounting operations
1961 SCAMP Processor Systems Scientific Computer and Modulator Processor - first to use microprogramme control
1961 LATINA 3963 Data Acquisition System
1961 832 Electronic Typing Calculator
1962 TROS Processor Systems Transformer read-only storage for S/360-20 and -40 - Charles Owen, Matt Taub, Will Warwick
1962 BC ROS Storage Products Balanced Capacitor Read Only Storage
1964 S/360 Model 40 Processor Systems
1964-66 FINDS Fast Inductive Non-Destructive Store - The China Shop
1964-66 3940 Data Terminal Models 5 & 5a
1966 S/360 Model 44 Processor Systems
1966 MICA Storage Products Magnetic Thin-Film Storage to replace ferrite cores & copper wire. 10" (25cm) copper plate with thin film deposits to form memory cells.
1966 LSI Building Computer Logic into Regular Arrat of Cells on Memory
1966 FINDS Fast Inductive Non Destructive Store
1966 Zenith Magnetic strips Storage Hursley Storage Development's first product. No details other than some small mag stripes in the museum.
1967 3980 Banking system, comprising 3981 Concentrator & 3982 Local / Remote Terminal
1967-9 Functional memory Processor Systems A programmable logic array with applications including OCR. Never shipped as too expensive to implement in chip technology of the day.
1968 S/360-M40 IMP Processor Systems High availability multi processor comprising two S/360-M40
1969 Dolphin 5444 Storage Products Disk drive - 2MB for System/3, System/7 & 3750 switching system
1969 Schools Computer
1970 Chip Fabrication Y Block rebuilt as prototype chip fab facility
1970 Development of Physically Smaller DP Systems
1970 FINNLOAD Automated Airline Check-in & Balance System for Finnair
1970 Multiple Terminal Communications Adapter
1970 ? CUZPAK Processor Systems Chip cooling system - Dave Cuzner
1971 C86-SYS S/370 Model 135 Processor Systems With DAT memory translator
1971 5967 M04 VDU to Meet Marketing Requirement for 2790 DCS
1971 - 1974 Industry Systems (Government) Industry Systems Mapping, Surface Transportation (Railway ticketing), Banking
1972 CashPoint 2984 Lloyds Bank ATM
1972 Future Systems FS/1 aka FS/A Processor Systems Radical alternative to S/370 architecture using single level store - Hursley, Boeblingen and others joint effort, Hursley participation ended 1972, cancelled 1975 at architectural stage. Some principles incorporated into S/38, AS/400, System I and i5 OS.
1973 5941-H02 Special Engineering Console
1973 Gulliver 62GV Storage Products 5 / 10 / 14MB for 3600, 3650, 3660, 3790, 3730, System/32, System/34; 10 & 14MB = 62TM.
1974 5985-H02 Special Engineering Colour display control unit
1974 LSI + Programme SIGMA
1974 3790 Communication System
1974 3790 RPQ Special Engineering Increased disk storage with added cabinets and Winchester disk drives (believed to be 10MB each). Final configuration 3x bigger than base product.
1975 Sprat / Bluegill Storage Products 4.6MB 6" removable floppy disk drive, but with flying heads. Moved to Boulder Jan 78 then Tucson May 78 as Bluegill. Project ended late 1979. Design picked up by ex-IBMers who set up Iomega and developed it into a product.
1975 RVG Special Engineering Raster-vector display - converted vectors to raster display. Did not become a product, possibly due to very high memory costs
1976-78 Special Engineering 3278 extra character support for Iceland, Yugoslavia & Turkey.
1976-78 Special Engineering Right to left language support for 3278 - Arabic & Hebrew.
1977 5937-H02 Special Engineering Layout display terminal (Japan)
1977 Cromwell 3250 WSD Graphics display system (Mono) using directed-beam CRT for CADCAM which IBM bought from Sanders.
1977 36HU Industry Systems Graphics & mapping system
1978 3730 Industry Systems Distributed office communication system
1978 Microlink Product Test / Product Assurance Bi-polar microprocessor based test tool, attached to mainframe via ANR; used for testing display controllers etc.
1978 HACIENDA Special Engineering Hursley Advanced Colour Image Enhancement Display - a one-off for Madrid Science Centre. Colour display with custom built-in high speed algorithmic processing for analysis of satellite images
1978 Bourgogne 7416 Special Engineering Cheque sorter for Lloyds
1979 Wizard 3279 WSD Colour Display Terminal incorporating digital convergence logic for RGB CRT beams rather than analogue. Displayed business graphics using character graphics hardware & GDDM mainframe software.
1979 3287-C WSD Colour version of 3287 printer
1979 Piccolo 62PC Storage Products 64MB disk drive used in 3310 DASD & 8100, S/34, S/38, 5520.Used the swinging arm developed in Hursley and for the first time a stack of 6 x 8" platters.
1979 Hotspur 8775 WSD Mono display for 8100 system - ability to download functionality from host (Basic, WP etc). First IBM display to use a microprocessor (Motorola 6800) rather than hard-wired logic.
1981 Parrot 3278/2 WSD 3278 Talking Terminal. Used a 6800 microprocessor & voice output card from Talking Selectric.
1981 Vanguard Graphics Advanced Development Precursor to Valiant
1981 / 82 Valiant Graphics Advanced Development a graphics sub-system that attached to an IBM PC and was intended as a follow-on to 3250 (Cromwell) and 3279. It featured two processor cards, GXP (to process high-level graphics orders) and PXP (the Pixel processor, which was hardware-assist to draw the image) The state-of-the-art 4- bit slice processor AMD2900 provided 16-bit processing on both cards. Never announced, possibly due to cost.
1982 Pearl 3179 Monitors 14" colour monitor for Fujisawa developed 3179
1982 7361 Graphics System
1983 Rover 3290 WSD Gas panel display terminal with four logical screens
1983 Pearl-G 3179-G Graphics version of 3179 (managed by Fujisawa)
1984 Aragon 3270PC-G WSD 3270 Graphics - control unit + 14" monitor. Controller IBM-PC with graphics adapter.
1984 Genoa 3270-PC-GX WSD 3270 Graphics - control unit + 19" colour + mono monitors. Controller IBM-PC with graphics adapter using Motorola 68000 processor at 8MHz then 10MHz.
1984 Simulator & Matchbox Storage Products DASD servo etc simulation system
1984 Swallow 62SW Storage Products 130MB disk drive
1984 Falcon 62FN Storage Products Servo mechanism / HDA (Count Key Data Interface) for 9335-B01 (Kestrel)
1984 Cotswold Graphics chip. Cotswold I was the basis of an RPQ to State Farm Insurance (1986?). Cotswold II used in PS/2 Image Adapter /A.
1985 EMC F Block Electromagnetic Compatibility testing facility
1986 Kestrel 9335 Storage Products Direct access storage sub-system for S/38 - 850MB per drive, up to 8 per sub-system. Unusual configuration - 2 actuators which could seek independently.

9335-A01 controller transferred to Hursley July 1994.
1986 Moonshine 4691 WSD Programmable cash terminal - leisure industry
1986 Sphinx Special Engineering LCD Projector using novel electrochromic display technology based on organic compound called Viologen. Display chip contained poisonous Thallium. Solution also etched underlying silicon, so barrier needed. Reliability was low. Lost out to Liquid Crystal.
1986 Aston Martin Aragon follow-on, using CMOS to replace PC-AT in base unit. Never announced.
1986 Lagonda Genoa follow-on using CMOS to package computing into base unit in place of the PC-AT. Never announced.
1987 Conestoga 8513 Monitors 12" VGA / MCGA PS/2 monitor (white box version)
1987 Crown 8512 Monitors 14" VGA PS/2 monitor (white box version)
1987 Henley 8514 Monitors 16" PS/2 monitor - black box Matsushita interlaced
1987 Passfield X.25 adapter card WSD
1987 Heron Storage Products
1987 Surrey 8503 Monitors Monitor
1987 Harp / Heron Storage Products Servo mechanism
1987 8514/A Video adapter card for 8514 monitor
1987 PS/2 Image Adapter/A Combined video display and (optional) printer adapter supporting virtually all IBM PC monitors at the time, and a number of 3rd party image printers. Used CMOS-2 chip developed at Hursley (Cotswold II)
1988 8507 Monitors 19" Mono Monitor
1988 8604 Monitors Monitor
1988 Fastnet WSD ISDN adapter for PC. [
1988 8505 Monitors Monitor
1989 Chicago 8506 Monitors 17" mono monitor (high resolution portrait)
1989 8508 Monitors 19" mono monitor
1989 Skyway Display adapter card
1989-90 Solent PS/2 ISDN Adapter WSD Two 64 kbp/s channel ISDN adapter for PS/2 microchannel systems
1989-90 Hamble PC ISDN Adapter WSD Two 64 kbp/s channel ISDN adapter for PC ISA bus systems
1990 Redwing 0681 Storage Products 0.857 / 1.06 GB 5.1/4" HDD with PRML recording - unusual linear actuator. Used in AS/400 servers and 9333.
1990 Dallas 8515 Monitors 14" Colour display (white box)
1990 Prescott 8516 Monitors 14" Monitor - touch sensitive version of 8515
1990 Osprey Storage Early development hard drive that became Redwing.
1991 Seattle 8504 Monitors 12" FST Monitor (flat square tube)
1991 Orleans 9515 Monitors Touch screen version of Prescott - 14" black box - started Hursley, announced Greenock
1991 Harrier 9333 Storage Products One of first serial interface disks to attach up to 8 RS/6000 to 1 - 4 drive enclosures. Each enclosure had a controller & 4 Redwings. Point to point serial links ran at 8MB/s and later evolved into SSA.

Development programme Feb 1990 - Apr 1994. Harrier controller Sep 1992.
1991 Anaheim 8518 Monitors 14" VGA version of 8515
1992 Daytona 8517 Monitors 17" VGA colour monitor - black box Sony high resolution
1992 Daytona-Prime 9517 Monitors 7" Daytona update SXGA interlaced (started Hursley, announced Greenock)
1992 9518 Monitors 14" XGA72 monitor (white box) (started Hursley, announced Greenock)
1992 PC-Radio - Radio & Modem Hursley managed the radio and modem for EMEA, including homologation
1992-93 Allicat Storage SSA hard disk. 8 MB/s July 1992, 20 MB/s May 1993.
1993 Woodwind 3310 Storage Products Piccolo disk drive enclosure (Total 256MB)
1993 Flotilla Storage Products 20MB flexible disk - project abandoned
1993 Scupper / Missfire / Nauticat Storage SSA disk drive development project
1995 7133 - SSAbre / Model 10 Storage Products Serial disk system - 4U rack-mounted enclosure with 16 3.5
1995 Mayflower SSA Adapter for 7133 Storage Products MicroChannel JBOD adapter for 1 - 8 RS/6000 servers
1995 Concord PCI JBOD Adapter Storage Products For 1-9 RS/6000 servers. Followed on from Mayflower adapter when RS/6000 changed from microchannel to PCI bus.
1995-97 Los Gatos SSA Adapter for 7133 Storage Products MicroChannel RAID adapter for a single PC server
1996 7133 SSAbre2 / Model 20 Storage Products Added 4 SSA Node Bypass modules to improve system reliability by automatically bypassing adapters which are powered-off.
1996 Saratoga SSA Adapter for 7133 Storage Products MicroChannel RAID adapter for a single RS/6000 server
1996 Trojan Storage Laredo evaluation board
1997 Beaulieu SSA Adapter for 7133 Storage Products PCI RAID adapter for a single RS/6000 server
1997 Fremont SSA Adapter for 7133 Storage Products MicroChannel RAID adapter for 1 - 8 RS/6000 servers
1997 Campbell SSA Adapter for 7133 Storage Products PCI RAID adapter for 1 - 8 RS/6000 servers
1998 7133 Coral / Model 40 Storage Products Added support for 40 MB/s SSA with the Santa Cruz adapter.
1998 Sonoma Storage Products Optical extender for 20 or 40 MB/s SSA links over distances of 10 kM
1999 Santa Cruz SSA Adapter for 7133 Storage Products PCI 40 MB/s SSA RAID adapter for 1 - 8 RS/6000 servers - also used in the Tarpon and VTS controllers from Tucson
1999-2001 Lepe / Lepeahead Storage FC-AL adapter card based on Santa Cruz. Never shipped, superseded by Arrowhead
2000 - 2004 Arrowhead Storage Products PCI RAID adapter for 2Gb/s FC-AL drives. It was a component of the Megamouth/DS8000 enterprise controller developed in Tucson. Based on the Santa Cruz RAID code and the Excelsior dataflow chip developed by Hursley.
2001 Brooklyn Storage Products An interposer which converted a standard SCSI drive to SSA so that it could be used in 7133
2003 Lodestone 2145 Storage Products SAN Volume Controller - storage virtualisation appliance for FC and iSCSI SANs - hardware based on System x servers, the Hursley-developed code currently supports remote copy, caching, FlashCopy, thin provisioning and online data migration.
2009 Dorinda Storage Products Follow-on PCI Express RAID adapter using the Aurora dataflow chip and 8Gb/s FC-AL. Aurora was jointly developed by Hursley and San Jose. Dorinda is used in the latest DS8800 controllers.
2010 Thunderbird / Oxford Storwize V7000 Storage Products Mid-range SAN-attached storage system. It is based on the Hursley SVC and RAID code. The hardware is designed and manufactured by Xyratex.
2011 Storwize V7000U Storage Products Mid-range unified storage controller which supports SAN and NAS protocols. It consists of 2 SONAS nodes in front of a V7000.
2012 Storwize V3500 & V3700 Storage Products Entry versions of the V7000. The hardware is designed and manufactured by Celestica.