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Software Products Developed at Hursley

The museum is attempting to create a definitive list of products developed at Hursley. The following is an incomplete pass from the knowledge of the curators with some additional help from IBM retirees. If you are able to provide any new information or corrections to the existing data, please contact Peter Short. There is a comprehensive list of all IBM hardware and software on Wikipedia.

Year Code Name Product Name Department Description
Websphere Business Integrator for AIX
GDDM / GKS Graphical Kernel Standard
Victory MQSeries on z/OS Websphere MQ
Agamemnon MQ Integrator Websphere Message Broker
? ? Graphics editor software / Logica ?
BABS Complex Systems BOAC Ticketing System
GDDM / Pclink
Severn GDDM / OS2link
CICS/NT CICS May have been replaced later by a Windows NT port of the CICS/OS2 code base.
1964 PL/I F Compiler Programming Centre High level programming language compiler (System/360 Operating System PL/I F)
1964 SUPPAK 7090-based Simulator of S/360. Support Package mainly used by IBM developers, including Hursley S/360-40 diagnostic package developers. Believed available to customers at IBM computer centres and released as a free product.
1965 CAS Controls Automation System - design automation software package used in development & testing of microcode for S/360 - internal tool
1968 New PL/I Compiler - Optimising Compiler I) OS ii) DOS
1970 PL/I Optimising Compiler Programming Centre Focussed on optimised code generation
1970 PL/I Checkout Compiler Programming Centre 'Provided speedy diagnostic support for PL/I developers
1970 PL/I Checkout Compiler
1971 - 1974 VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (SNA, NCP, 3705). First version NCP for 3705 - 1971. Transferred to Kingston 1974.
1973 Language RPQ 3741 / 3742 Special Engineering Cyrillic and other
1973 Programme Function Control 3741 Special Engineering Enable enhanced control of 3741 models 1 & 2
1974 CICS CICS Comes to Hursley - formal transfer completed Jan 1975.
1974 CICS / VS
1974 New Database for Medium Size Applications
1974 INPS 3790 RPQ Special Engineering Italian Social Security System - revamp diagnostics and MAPS, bit mapping of software to support increased disk storage
1976 GAM Graphics Access Method
1977 Ironman Programming language for imbedded systems (Marks & Maddock)
1977 PADAS Product Test / Product Assurance Product Assurance Design Automation System
1978 DPS Distributed Presentation Services - for use with terminals such as the 3279 & 8775
1979 GDDM
1979 SNATAM SNA Access Method - IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin (TBD 03-79 p4216-4218). Originally an engineering development tool for testing SNA based products.
1979 REX Product Test / Product Assurance Internal version of Rexx
1979 GDDM / PGF Including the Interactive Chart Utility
1981 IDTF Interactive Display Text Facility - data & text handling
1982 Rexx System Product Interpreter UKSC Restructured Extended Executor - interpreted programming language, first Rexx product, part of VM/System product. Followed by dozens of other IBM REXX products & non-IBM implementations.
1982 IPG Interactive Presentation Graphics
1984 Graphics Control Programme For PC-G & GX (Aragon / Genoa)
1984 GDDM R4
1984 GOCA Graphic Object Content Architecture - 3270 data interface standard
1985 GDDM / IVU
1985 CICS/CMS CICS CICS development tool running on VM/CMS
1986 5777-EAD Leisure industry support programme
1987 Desktop Publishing Solution
1987 OS/2 Presentation Manager Joint project with Microsoft
1987 SAA Systems Application Architecture
1987 ADA DoD / MoD defence related programming language for imbedded systems (Maddock)
1987 Desktop Publishing Solution
1987 LEXX Live Parsing Editor UKSC Syntax-colouring text editor written for the Oxford English Dictionary in 1985, released as a UK Country Programming Offering in 1987 and also as a VM PRPQ.
1987 IAX IAX Image Processing Sheridan House Image processing system for VM, released as programme offering.
1987 WSD Passfield (X.25) support for PC - shipped with original Passfield
1987 WSD Passfield (X.25) support for PC/RT
1987 CICS/VM CICS Meant as a fuller implementation of CICS/CMS intended for production work. Tied in with 9370 distributed processing model. Cancelled during develoment of release 3.
1988 TOOLSRUN VM / DSNX Sheridan House File & data management software developed at Hursley, released by Endicott.
1988 LPEX LPEX for OS/2 Sheridan House OS/2 product implementation of LEXX, later transferred to Endicott and released for Windows, Java etc. and used in Eclipse.
1988 Oryx IBM Object Rexx Sheridan House Object oriented Rexx for OS/2, later also released for Windows 95 and NT in 1997
1988 Finisterre WSD PC software for Fastnet ISDN adapter card
1988 Walnut WSD Passfield (X.25) support for OS/2 Extended Edition
1988 Stonehenge WSD PC-based SNA:OSI bridge
1988 Windfall Personal A/S WSD Software, in conjunction with Warwick
1988 RIPSS
1989 CICS/ESA Version 3 CICS
1989 CICS/OS2 CICS Bought in from American 3rd party, written in MicroFocus COBOL.
1990 The GPE Project New Technologies Funded by Hursley, developed by Peter Ward & Colin Parrott, University of Leeds. Documentation:
- History & Overview
- Technical Description
- Presentation - Examples
1991-92 Highnoon AConnS Application Connection Services
1992 GDDM V3.1
1993 Mayflower MQSeries on distributed platforms / Websphere MQ
1993 GoServe (component) IBM Fellow (Lab Manager Group) Web server for OS/2 and later for Windows & Linux; first fully-compliant HTTP 1.0 server (1996), used as a component in a number of products.
1993/94 CICS/6000 CICS Or CICS/AIX? Initial main development contracted out to DataLogic, Harrow. Also involved an IBM startup in the US - Transarc, later absorbed into IBM. Ported to HP/UX, Sun Solaris & Digital OSF (?) by other companies.
1994 CallPath Computer telephony integration product providing support for AT&T, Rolm, Siemens, and Northern Telecom switches.
1994 DirectTalk
1995 CICS Client for Windows & Mac CICS
1995 - 2002 LANDP New versions for OS/2, DOS, AIX. 1996 Windows support. 2000 LANDP Version V5, 2002 V6.
1996 Java Development Toolkit For OS/2 & AIX
1996 JTC Java VM for OS/2 IBM Fellow (Lab Manager Group) Port of Java to OS/2 (and later other IBM O/Ss) - Java Technology Centre
1997 NetRexx NetRexx IBM Fellow (Lab Manager Group) A dialect of Rexx for the Java platform included with the VM operating system product; also available as a free compiler.
1999 RMI over IIOP RMI over IIOP, developed jointly by IBM and Sun, is a new version of RMI (Remote Method Invocation) for IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol) that combines RMI's easy programming features with CORBA's interoperability.
2001 decNumber (component) IBM Fellow (Lab Manager Group) Decimal floating point reference implementation (and testcases for hardware) now included in dozens of IBM and non-IBM products, GCC etc. core proof-of-concept for the decimal floating-point arithmetic in the IEE 754-2008 standard.
2007 decFloats (component) IBM Fellow (Lab Manager Group) High speed decimal floating-point package based upon Densely Packed Decimal encloding and emulating System/z and POWER decimal hardware; also used in dozens of products and by SAP, CA etc.