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IBM History

Loan Items - Manchester

Artefact Reference Artefact Description Serial Number Click for larger image
HW0537 1753847 Data Cartridge

Magnetic Tape Backup Data Cartridge

Tape content unknown


HW0609 TROS Transformer Read Only Storage - TROS

As part of the development of the System/360 Model 40 in Hursley, the concept of the SCAMP TROS, the first read-only storage device used in an IBM computer, was further developed into this simpler transformer read only storage unit. The device was used to facilitate emulation of the older 1401 and 1410 computers in addition to the basic Model 40 control functions.

The unit contains 128 flexible circuit strips that make up 60 transformers, with a capacity of 256 words of 60 bit length. The strips could be replaced if one became defective. The old one would be removed, small holes punched in the printed circuit lands in the same places as the original, to represent the bit pattern, and the new one inserted in the correct position.

An explanation of how TROS worked can be found here.


HW0610 IEC 950 IEC 950 DFHC Hard Drive

IEC 950 DFHC Hard Drive


Cutaway for display

IEC 950

HW0611 95X1862 Disk Drive 5.25 - 850MB - SCSI

- For RS6000 - Cutaway for display purposes


HW0612 Microdrive 340MB Microdrive

Miniature format hard disk drive in industry standard package


HW0613 Arm Assembly Hard Drive Head Assembly

Swinging arm assembly with disk read / write heads

Arm Assembly

HW0614 3420 Tape Magnetic Tape - 3420

3420 Magnetic Tape - 200MB - 2400ft

3420 Tape

HW0615 Data Cell 3021 Data Cell - Dummy

A direct access storage device which stored data on individual magnetic strips. These strips are contained in removable-interchangeable data cells. The IBM 2321 Data Cell Drive had 10 data cells with 20 subcells per cell; each subcell has 10 magnetic strips. Each data cell could contain 39.2 million bytes or 78.5 packed decimal digits. A single 2321 data cell drive could have had on-line access to a maximum of 392 million bytes or 784 million packed decimal digits and signs.

Data Cell

HW0617 3850 3850 MSS Cartridge

3850 MSS Cartridge The MSS (as it was known) consisted of a library of cylindrical plastic cartridges, two inches wide and 4 inches (100 mm) long, each holding a spool of tape 770 inches (20 m) long storing 50MB. These cartridges were held in a hexagonal array of bins in the IBM 3851 Mass Storage Facility. New cartridges were rolled into the facility and were automatically stored in a vacant bin. The data was accessed via one or two IBM 3330 disk drives, the data being transferred automatically between cartridge and disk drive in processes called staging and destaging. These were all connected together with the IBM 3830 Storage Control (also used for disk storage alone), the entire system making up a 3850 unit.



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