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Item Reference Part Number Description Location  
PN0001 Tea Trolley Bell Until the 1970s, a regular feature of Hursley was the tea trolley. Its arrival was heralded by the tea trolley bell. On Display
PN0002 On Display
PN0003 On Display
PN0004 IBM Pins Assortment of IBM Pins - See photo Archive
PN0005 PC AT EGA Card Enhanced Graphics adaptor card for PCAT (tested OK) Archive
PN0007 Pervasive Computing Sales CD Sales Guide Pervasive Computing demo Archive
PN0008 CICS demo CD CICS eBusiness Sales guide Archive
PN0009 Big Blue Wine

A bottle of red New York wine, limited edition produced for former IBMers

IBM was not amused, see: Big Blue Wines May Ruffle Feathers at IBM

On Display
PN0010 CA Power Switch p/n 3t9567 Archive
PN0011 Inverter14 p/n 27k9972 Archive
PN0012 Inverter p/n 91p7280 Archive
PN0013 Inverter 15.4 p/n 13r1015 Archive
PN0014 Fan short p/n 26r7860 Archive
PN0015 FAN X40 P/N 13N5327 Archive
PN0016 LCD CABLE P/N 04W1618 Archive
PN0017 HINGE RHS W500 P/N 43Y9737 Archive
PN0018 FAN X40 CPU P/N 13N5327 Archive
PN0019 Inverter P/N 91P7280 Archive
PN0020 CA Power Switch p/n 3t9567 Archive
PN0021 LCD CABLE P/N 04W1679 Archive
PN0022 LED CARD W520 P/N 04W1362 Archive
PN0023 SYSTEM MISC CARD W520 P/N 04W1584 Archive
PN0024 INVERTOR P/N 39T0361 Archive
PN0025 T60 PALMREST P/N 42W3138 Archive
PN0026 KEYBOARD P/N 04Y2416 Archive


Total Records = 37
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