Forgotten Voice

Nelson Gagan
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First Aid Frollicks

Fred Lewis was the Security and Safety managed at the time and we became friends in our IBM Rifle and Pistol club. I was well into my horse-riding activities and mentioned that one of our young riders had taken fall. I explained that none present, at this accident, was First-Aid trained, and that we were lucky not to have seriously damaged the fallen rider by carrying him. Fred offered me a 'free' First-Aid course if I joined his IBM emergency team.

The bargain was struck and I became his oldest team member. F-A training included the renowned 'Kiss of Life' instruction. This required demonstration and practice using Resussi-Annie a female plastic-skinned dummy.

Our F-A instructor emphasized the need for the head to be tilted well back to clear the air-way to the patient's lungs. Instruction over and a call for first trainee to practice - no one moved! I was the old guy and the silence went on too long, so I volunteered. Owing to Annie's tough skin I had to increase my initial effort to tilt the head back. I was successful in some way until the head flew off to roars of laughter. Thereafter, word went around the lab that it would be dangerous to get the K of L from me.