Forgotten Voice

Doug Buttimer
Graphics Advanced Development
Mid 80s
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The Royal Wave

During the development of Genoa (3270 PC-GX), four of us (including a manager) had to go to Greenock to expedite the pre-production hardware for testing in Hursley. It was mid-winter and there had been considerable snowfall the night before we arrived. Having picked up a hire car at the airport, we decided to check in at the hotel before going to the plant. We entered the driveway to the hotel which had extensive grounds, and unfortunately, could not establish where the hotel roadway went !! Seeing cars in a car park, the driver headed straight for it. Little did we know, but we were driving across the back lawn and past the windows to the dining room !!! The expressions of surprise on the faces of the diners had to be seen, and we spontaneously decided to heighten their experience. We lowered the windows and treated them to The Royal Wave in quadruplicate !!