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Forgotten Voice

John Roskell
Advanced Development
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The Missing Report

I took over an Advanced Development Group from Brian Marks when he started the PL/I Checkout Compiler, and with it the responsibility for the IBM Confidential report describing the prototype.  I gave a copy of the report to two visitors from Poughkeepsie, who managed to leave it somewhere in Winchester. 

Within 24 hours it had arrived at ICL headquarters!  They did the right thing and sent it back to Hursley, where it arrived at the desk of the Security Manager.  I think it was still in the days of Frank Reader, who got quite excited and “wanted blood”.  By coincidence, the report had been put together carelessly, with one page back-to-front, and I had noticed and marked the page in red ink, so I knew exactly which copy it was.  The culprit had already left the country and I never did find out what was the end result.