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The museum is always on the look-out for new items to add to our collection. We welcome offers of donations of anything IBM, including hardware, software, tools, test equipment, photographs, documentation or other media.

If you do think you have something that the museum might need, please contact The Connex Team or Peter Short in the first instance. In rare circumstances, where we may already have a number of a certain item, we may say, "Thanks but no thanks." We've not done this yet!!

Items can be brought to Hursley in person by prior arrangement, or despatched to the museum at Mailpoint 156, IBM United Kingdom Ltd., Hursley Park, Winchester, Hants. SO21 2JN. The museum curators are usually available on Thursdays but if you can't make a Thursday let us know.

Soft copy can be emailed to Peter. You can send scanned images in Jpeg format, audio / video files in popular formats such as .avi, .mp3. For large volumes contact Peter for an FTP address.

Donations August 2023

The museum curators are extremely grateful to the family of Tim Clarke for the donation of a number of personal computers, adapter cards and a System/390 server.

The following photos show the donations just after curators delivered them to a museum holding room prior to cleaning, testing, cataloguing and moving to their final destinations.

Click photo to view a larger image

Some of Our Other Donations

Royal Logistics Corps (earlier Royal Army Pay Corps Equipment)

These machines are on long term loan to the museum.

Donations Donations Donations
Donations   Donations   Donations

IBM Denmark                       IBM Scotland

Donations  Donations

IBM Norway

A comprehensive slide show can be found here, and a write up here.

These are just a couple of highlights from the delivery.

Donations   Donations   Donations   Donations  

IBM Austria Retired CEs

aus-donate  aus-donate  aus-donate

aus-donate  aus-donate  

IBM UK Normandy House

normandy-donate   normandy-donate   normandy-donate   normandy-donate   normandy-donate   normandy-donate   normandy-donate  

IBM UK Weybridge

weybridge-donate   weybridge-donate  

IBM UK Warwick

warwick-donate   warwick-donate   warwick-donate  

Computer Sheds - Jim Austin


IBM Employees & Retirees

Former Mt.Kisco employee via Andre Keith - IBM 7080 Components

Big Blue Wine 

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