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  IBM 3174 Establishment Controller
  The IBM 3174 Establishment Controller was developed at theIBM Development Laboratory, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and was announced in 1986. It was a replacement for the IBM 3274 Cluster Controller.

3270 terminals were physically attached to the 3174 via a coaxial cable. Dumb devices, such as 3278 and 3279 used CUT (Control Unit Terminal) protocol, Intelligent devices, such as 3270PC used DFT (Distributed Function Terminal) protocol. A feature also allowed Asynchronous ASCII terminals to be attached.

The 3174 can be attached to a host computer either locally ("L" Models) via a System/370 Channel Connection or remotely ("R" Models) via modems to V24, V35 or X21 Interfaces. later models could be attached via a token ring local area network.
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