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IBM History

Hardware Detail

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Machine Type:
MT Composer
Serial Number:
  Magnetic Tape - For IBM MT Composer - Quantity 3
  Magnetic Tape For IBM MT Composer Quantity 3 1 ON LOAN TO MANCHESTER LAB - 19/08/2016 NB The IBM MT/ST (Magnetic Tape/Selectric Typewriter) was a model of the IBM Selectric typewriter, built into its own desk, integrated with magnetic tape recording and playback facilities, located in an attached enclosure, with controls and a bank of relays.[1] It was released by IBM in 1964.[2][3] It recorded text typed on 1/2" perforated magnetic tape, approximately 25 kilobytes per tape cassette,[1] and allowed editing and re-recording during playback. It was the first system marketed as a word processor.[3] Most models had two tape drives, which vastly facilitated revision and enabled features such as mail merge.[3] An add-on module added a third tape station, to record the combined output of playback from the two stations.
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MT Composer

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Hursley Archive - HLG06 Cupboard / Rack: HW13 Shelf: 2-DD10