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IBM History

Hardware Detail

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  IBM 3348 Winchester Disk Module
  The IBM 3348 data module was used in the IBM 3340 Disk Storage Facility. There were two models - Model 35 storing 35MB and Model 70 storing 70MB.

The 3340 / 3348 featured a smaller, lighter read / write head and a ski-like head design that enabled the head to ride closer to the disk surface, on an air film 18 millionths of an inch thick. The storagenformation density was thus doubled from the predecessors to nearly 1.7 million bits per square inch.

The codename for 3340 was "Winchester". The original specification called for two 30MB spindles per drive = 30/30, hence the name after the famous Winchester Model 1894 .30-30 rifle.

The term "Winchester" was often used generically for hard disks, except in IBM!
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